Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Suntan torso issue on Triklops

This Triklops I just bought of eBay was pretty good in most respects. What wasn't clear in the auction, and not mentioned by the seller, was that his body is amuch darker colour than the paint of his face. It's hard to photograph (ie my mistake in buying it), but in daylight his torso looks greyish brown, when his face an right arm are normal flesh colour.


Tuesday, 3 April 2012

The many hair colours of He-man

Collecting He-man and the Masters of the Universe is a strange hobby and a dangerous obsession. Once you've got yourself a nice he-man without: loose legs, chewed hands, chipped paint, torso yellowing or leg-rubber-crotch-rot syndrome, you then start to fixate on variations. With he-man, it's all about the bowl haircut.

Here's a quick guide to the many hair colours of He-man

Honey Blonde
This more golden yellow variation may have come from the later released Battlecat and He-man gift pack, or perhaps it was used on the second run He-man with the "Original" on the pack.

Dishwater Blonde
I think this is the proper, original He-man hair colour.

Bleach Blonde
This He-man came from France and has a very poorly painted head. The rotocast plastic used on this figure's head is also more translucent and less realistic (yes, I talk about He-man in terms of realism).

Savage Brunette
Does this guy really exist? Did fans make him up? This one is the mythical "Wonderbread" He-man, named after a supposed figure giveaway. It's never been definitively identified. This particular example is one I made.

Evil Ginger
OK, so it's not He-man, it's the evil robot Faker. But he could also be seen as He-man on a cold day with a bad dye job.

Tuesday, 14 August 2007

The FRENCH He-man

This He-man was found by my pal Dave. It's a strange variant from Europe. Not only does he have a cheap head with bright yellow hair, but the box calls him by his European name: Musclor.

Tuesday, 31 July 2007

The DADDY He-man

My good friend Laurence once suggested that one could restore He-man figures. Well, she was quite right you know!

Here is my first attempt. King Randor is Prine Adam's pops, now shhhhh don't tell anyone, but Prince adam is He-man.
I repainted King Randor's face and hands using Tamiya XF-15 Flesh paint.

Check out these before and after shots:

Friday, 20 July 2007

Off with their heads!

Following from a comment on my last post, I decided to form the perfect He-man by swapping the heads of the Honey-blond with the dishwater He-men.

You can see my efforts and sudden bemusement in this video:


  1. The Honey Blond (left) has lighter skin, lighter hair, and on removing his head - I found he has a pink mounting pin

  2. The Dishwater Blond He-man has darker skin and hair and a small black mounting pin. See below:

Both have the same Mattel 1981 Taiwan mould marks.

The basic He-man design was released with two waves of figures (Wave - Mattel would release new products in waves about a year apart (to fit in with Christmas). Each wave included: a set of around figures, vehicles and a playset each time). In boxed ones, you can tell the second version as it has a yellow "pizzazz", saying "The Original".

See for more on He-man waves

I wonder which is which of these figures is which?

The Bobo in Hanley He-man

eBay seller's rating: good condition armour and weapons rare
My rating: TBC
Current bid: £6.80

I'm currently bidding on this He-man and Battle Cat listed by Bobomonkeyfish.

The user ver kindly sent me some more pictures, but equally bad quality to the one on eBay. I can just make out some toe rub. Still, might be worth bdiing another couple of quid.

Here are Bobo's answers to the He-man Perfection Checklist
slight rubbing on hair and right toe no discolourationperfect punch action, very clean hands, very firm legs no chewing fraying or even nibling arms match, send me your email address and ill send some closer pics if you want hope helpful

Wednesday, 18 July 2007

The Cumbria He-man

eBay seller's rating: Immaculate condition
My rating: C8.5 - Pretty good, some marks and fading (may have faded at factory)
Price paid: £13 (inc. P&P and Battle Cat)

This is the "dish-water blond" He-man - as if there weren't enough possbile flaws to spot!

I was VERY EXCITED when I cracked this bad boy open. He arrived from eBay a few hours after my paypal went off.

On first inspection, I was hard pressed to see any flaws, although he was a little dirty. His boot tips were almost unworn.

However, as I placed him in line with my earlier He-man purchases, I noticed his hair was a more muted, dishwater blond instead of the vibrant warm yellow of the Yorkshire He-man's bonce.

This may be a factory flaw though. No sure.
As you can see... the Cumbria He-man's hair (right) is not as resplendent as the Yorkshire He-man's barnet! (left)