Wednesday, 18 July 2007

The Cumbria He-man

eBay seller's rating: Immaculate condition
My rating: C8.5 - Pretty good, some marks and fading (may have faded at factory)
Price paid: £13 (inc. P&P and Battle Cat)

This is the "dish-water blond" He-man - as if there weren't enough possbile flaws to spot!

I was VERY EXCITED when I cracked this bad boy open. He arrived from eBay a few hours after my paypal went off.

On first inspection, I was hard pressed to see any flaws, although he was a little dirty. His boot tips were almost unworn.

However, as I placed him in line with my earlier He-man purchases, I noticed his hair was a more muted, dishwater blond instead of the vibrant warm yellow of the Yorkshire He-man's bonce.

This may be a factory flaw though. No sure.
As you can see... the Cumbria He-man's hair (right) is not as resplendent as the Yorkshire He-man's barnet! (left)

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Anonymous said...

Can you not just pull the head of one of your other he-mans, swapping it for a better one?