Tuesday, 3 July 2007

The Glaswiegen He-man

eBay seller's rating: "a superb condition He-Man"
My rating: C5 - Very worn features
Price paid: Didn't bid

This sad He-man was from Glasgow.

Now armed with my "He-man Perfection checklist" (see right), I was able to get more information of the seller. He also kindly sent some pictures back. When I saw this He-man's sad lack of mascara - I decided not to bid. But it show's how, even in this poor condition, eBayers view their items with rose-tinted-specs.

Here is his more detailed description:
Having read the questions below and given him a full inspection, I'd have to say "Nearly".
Any paint rubs especially hair: a wee bit, face- a wee bit on eyebrows,
Toes: a wee bit, the red cross on his halter? - a tiny bit
Any dark discolouration at the tops of his legs where the rubber joins the plastic?none Does his punch action work stiffly?- If I remember rightly, a lot of figures were a wee bit stiff and punched only once, but this guy punches smooth as I've seen... punching with his left fist 3 times when you let go of him Do his legs stand firmly? Yes Are his hands clean, and not chewed or frayed.- His left Thumb is frayed Is his main torso the same colour as his arms? - It's sometimes goes more yellow in the sun.- Exactly the same, not much sun here in glasgow Any pen marks of other marks?- nope

Here are some more pics that the seller sent:

I love it that he put He-man on a towel for his confort ;-)

It looks as if skeletor got a good chop at He-man's neck here - probably after he'd cunningly removed his eyebrows with the dark magic from his Staff of Havok!


Anonymous said...

Isn't easier to just buy one MOC and then open it?


Steerpike said...

Dave, are you going to buy me an MOC he-man for my birthday?