Friday, 20 July 2007

Off with their heads!

Following from a comment on my last post, I decided to form the perfect He-man by swapping the heads of the Honey-blond with the dishwater He-men.

You can see my efforts and sudden bemusement in this video:


  1. The Honey Blond (left) has lighter skin, lighter hair, and on removing his head - I found he has a pink mounting pin

  2. The Dishwater Blond He-man has darker skin and hair and a small black mounting pin. See below:

Both have the same Mattel 1981 Taiwan mould marks.

The basic He-man design was released with two waves of figures (Wave - Mattel would release new products in waves about a year apart (to fit in with Christmas). Each wave included: a set of around figures, vehicles and a playset each time). In boxed ones, you can tell the second version as it has a yellow "pizzazz", saying "The Original".

See for more on He-man waves

I wonder which is which of these figures is which?

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Anonymous said...

I can clearly see from the video that your muscles don't match up to He-mans!