Thursday, 5 July 2007

The Taunton He-man

Price paid: 50p
My rating: C5 - Apparent damage and wear

Not a bad "boat-race" on this one, though his hair is faded colur-wise and a bit rubbed. His "mascara" (eye and brow paint) is pretty good though.

This He-man belongs to my friend Dave, who is a fellow toy-fiend and owner of the Moss Eisley toy store site.  Dave is the ideal collector; he has some amazing rarities in his collection but will wait for the best price, preferably the car-boot-sale-hidden-in-a-box price!

I'm not so patient!

 Now,  I recalled seeing a rather handsome He-man atop a Battle Cat in his vast collection of 70's and 80's toy wonders. So I sneakily enquired as to it's value to him.
"Not for sale!" He declared.
However, he kindly sent me some pictures of this poor fellow, dragged from his loft, as he is a good example of many of the classic He-man flaws.

"Crotch-rot" - as you can see above, the rubber band that joins the legs has corrupted the plastic from within. This may be due to rubber rot, overheating or dampness. I don't know.

"Hand chew" - This He-man has been in the mouth of a nervous child!

"Foot rub" - He-man has been kicking so much that his boats have rubber away. It's nigh on impossible to find a loose He-man with a fully painted pair of boats.

"Sun tan" - The colour of this He-man's torso and arms match - so we can tell he has not been left in the sun. The torso plastic was made of a different substance to the arms and was prone to yellowing in the sun.


anonnyperson said...

I have an original which is in very good condition :0)

Steerpike said...

Have you indeed? Please send me detailed macro pictures, and I will judge and rate for you for FREE!