Wednesday, 4 July 2007

The Stoke-onTrent He-man

ebay seller's rating: Rare! EXCELLENT! mint! (My arse!)
Mt rating: C5 - Very warn features and heavily marked
Price paid: £2.00 (£4.99 p&p!)

OK, so this isn't an first issue He-man, but a Thunderpunch He-man - that fires caps, loaded into his backpack, at the twist of his waste.

Now, these Thunderpunch numbers had a design flaw... the part of the body where the cap pack clips in was very thin and week, and the lugs would snap off pretty quick.

As the one in my collection had met this fate (I only fired the caps once and it broke), I want to get a 'mint one'. Boy was this seller a joker trying to palm this off as mint.

The figure arrived with the tell tale lugs broken off - godammit - and lots of lovely marks and a very scratched chrome chest plate. What a rip off!

Judge for thy self...

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