Tuesday, 3 July 2007

The Yorkshire He-man

eBay seller's rating: "very good condition"
My rating: C6 - Apparent flaws
Price paid: £5.90 (came with a crummy battle cat)

This was the first arrival from eBay in my attempt to find "The Perfect HE-MAN" figure.

This He-man comes from Yorkshire and was described as "very good condition for his age". When he arrived he looked in fairly good nick paint-wise, as he has a full head of hair and eye details were crisp. However, his halter was broken, he doesn't stand very well, his punch is limp and he has pen scrawled on the soles of his boots.

Also, he seemed to have some "dirtiness" on the back of his thighs. Perhaps Battle Cat's was dirty on the last escapade?

So not a bad first attempt!

The pictures below show Yorkshire He-man are as he arrived:

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