Tuesday, 14 August 2007

The FRENCH He-man

This He-man was found by my pal Dave. It's a strange variant from Europe. Not only does he have a cheap head with bright yellow hair, but the box calls him by his European name: Musclor.


Tom said...

hi dude! i was wondering if you - or your buddy - would consider selling me that he-man? do you also still have the packaging (card and bubble) that he was in? i would be interested in that as well.
reason is that i have had exactly the same one (it even came from the same package) when i was a kid - but it got lost when we moved, so your he-man would again bring up some sweet childhood memories for me. plus you can rest assured that i would pay a good price :)
please let me know if we can work something out, thanks
p.s.: please contact me at

heman1 said...

I am looking to sell our 1980 heman collection of toys. anyone interestd

Piero said...

Hey my friend I want to repaint my 1981 he man what color is for the boots and cloth