Tuesday, 3 April 2012

The many hair colours of He-man

Collecting He-man and the Masters of the Universe is a strange hobby and a dangerous obsession. Once you've got yourself a nice he-man without: loose legs, chewed hands, chipped paint, torso yellowing or leg-rubber-crotch-rot syndrome, you then start to fixate on variations. With he-man, it's all about the bowl haircut.

Here's a quick guide to the many hair colours of He-man

Honey Blonde
This more golden yellow variation may have come from the later released Battlecat and He-man gift pack, or perhaps it was used on the second run He-man with the "Original" on the pack.

Dishwater Blonde
I think this is the proper, original He-man hair colour.

Bleach Blonde
This He-man came from France and has a very poorly painted head. The rotocast plastic used on this figure's head is also more translucent and less realistic (yes, I talk about He-man in terms of realism).

Savage Brunette
Does this guy really exist? Did fans make him up? This one is the mythical "Wonderbread" He-man, named after a supposed figure giveaway. It's never been definitively identified. This particular example is one I made.

Evil Ginger
OK, so it's not He-man, it's the evil robot Faker. But he could also be seen as He-man on a cold day with a bad dye job.

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He-Bro said...

Thank you for posting the different hair colors, I was trying to match he-Man's hair color to touch up some spots, and having your picture to break down the main different colors helped.